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Our Therapists

Meet Madison

Madison is the founder of In Tune Music Therapy LLC. She received her degree in Music Therapy from Arizona State University and completed her internship at St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center in Phoenix, AZ. After completing her education, Madison joined the St. Luke’s Activity Therapy team to provide Music Therapy services to children, adolescents, and adults with varying mental health needs.


Madison has experience in disabilities, medical rehabilitation, mental health, geriatrics, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse and recovery, and more.  Also, she has extensive experience working with infants and toddlers in a mommy and me atmosphere.

Although Madison originally studied voice she also enjoys playing the guitar, piano, ukulele, and violin. She currently volunteers for the music ministry services at her church for children ages 2-12. Madison is nationally board-certified through the Certification Board of Music Therapists and meets rigorous, ongoing continuing education guidelines. Further, she is a certified HealthRHYTHMS practitioner.

Madison loves bringing the joy of music into the lives of children, teens, and adults.

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