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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Memory Care and Wellness

Individual treatment or group treatment brought to your facility can be assured to help with:

  • Improvement in mood and energy

  • Diminished anxiety and depression associated with memory loss and end of life

  • Increased socialization and quality of life

  • Enhanced communication and orientation

  • Meaningful connections to self and others

Special Education Classrooms

As a provider in your school or service center you know of the importance that your children get all of the support in their development. Allow In Tune Music Therapy to help your students or clients achieve their IEP goals by working on speech, socialization, attention span, self expression, movement, among many others in a group Music Therapy session.

Individual Treatment

Direct care in the areas of vocalization, memory, coordination, rhythm, attention span, and social interaction etc. for children, teens and adults of various abilities, including those with: autism, Down's Syndrome, cerbral palsy and more.

Video Therapy

With the secure platform provided from Zoom, MT can return to you and your loved ones regardless of your situation or distance. Success can be achieved with all ability levels with the assistance of a support person. Please contact us quickly f you think this option may be right for you as our Zoom schedule is filling up quickly!

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